From April to October 2018

RX Academy 2018

RX Academy offers a safe and professional environment for young drivers to learn and develop as they take their first steps into the world of professional motorsport.

Rallycross is the fastest growing motorsport in the world, and the superstars of the future are being created today. The modern rallycross driver needs to possess a wide range of skills, of which all are covered in the RX Academy programme.

The key personnel within RX Academy have years of international rallycross experience, which is now available to any driver with basic driving skills, big passion, high motivation and reasonable budget.


RX Academy offers professional driver coaching with proven methods, including data logging and video analysis.

All of our coaches have years of experience working with top level drivers in the FIA World Rallycross Championship and Global Rallycross Championship.

Emphasis is not only on put on driving technique, but also on the wider details such as preparation and tactics.


As in all sports, mental and physical strength plays a key role in rallycross.

In RX Academy, this field is led by one of the worlds’ most experienced coaches Mr. Christoph Treier.

Christoph has cutting edge knowledge and wide experience from different fields of motorsport.



In professional motorsport, drivers are more and more a brand in themselves, but also brand ambassadors of their partners and sponsors.

Drivers need to be active with the media along with attracting fans and audiences that could be interested in becoming a partner or sponsor.

RX Academy offers high quality training and coaching about the media, social media and PR topics from an experienced media team with a strong motorsport background.


The car used in RX Academy is the Renault Clio RS RX, a factory-built race car, prepared to rallycross specification by multiple European Rallycross Championship winning team, SET Promotion. All cars are technically 100 % equal, including the setup.

The Clio RS RX produces 220hp and is equipped with a Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox, providing a totally-equal high-level platform with which drivers can compete in the competitive environment of RX Academy and prepare for the future.

RX Academy Honkajoki friday015
RX Academy Honkajoki friday017
RX Academy Honkajoki friday014

RX Academy Award

The winner of RX Academy 2018 will receive a programme in the next step of their  career for free, as the Academy Award is a driver assignment in one of the following options (of the winners’ choice) for 2019:

  • 5 European races in the RX2 International Series
  • Full season in the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Super1600
  • (If the winner is too young to compete in EuroRX Super1600 or RX2, the Award will be a full season in RallyX Nordic, in the Supercar Lites category)

The maximum age of driver to win the Award is 28.

Calendar 2018

  • Höljes

    RallyX Nordic

  • Honkajoki

    Finnish RX

  • Jalasjärvi

    Finnish RX

  • Kouvola

    RallyX Nordic

  • Tierps

    RallyX Nordic


Season 2018

Drivers will be announced later